Architectural Guidelines

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Sunland Village East - North Entrance

A residential 55+ community.

Office Area

Our office is located on the corner of Farnsworth Drive and Lakewood (2145 S. Farnsworth) in Mesa, AZ

Golf Club

Enjoy playing our superbly conditioned, executive length 18 hole golf course.

Meeting Facilities

Within our community we have several meeting and activity rooms available for Clubs and private parties.

Lakes and Landscaping

The lakes and landscaping within SVE are beautifully maintained.

Recreation Areas

In addition of our softball field we have many other areas set aside for community recreation.

Swimming Pools

There are swimming and therapy pools and spas in both the north and south areas of our community.


In addition to a large tennis facility, SVE has shuffleboard, billiard rooms and pickleboard courts, to name just a few.

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Homeowners Association

  • Join us for BINGO every Sunday evening - 6:00 pm - SVE Auditorium
  • Read the SVE Outlook to keep current on community events.
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Village Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) consists of resident volunteers appointed by the Board of Directors and tasked with the responsibility to oversee and help preserve a harmonious design for the Sunland Village East community.  By doing so, the ACC is helping to protect the value of the home owners property.  Homeowners, therefore, must receive advance approval from this committee before any exterior work is done.

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to request authorization from the Architectural Committee prior to making any exterior alterations to their property.  To assist homeowners with architectural changes, the following guidelines are provided:

Architectural Guidelines of SVE (updated 8/11/16) (click here)

ACC Policy & Procedures Manual 3/10/2019 DRAFT

ACC Operating Poicy & Procedures (10/14/10)

Sunland Village East Approved Paint Colors (Dunn Edwards)  (as of 5/3/2018)  By clicking this link you will be directed to the Dunn Edwards website.

Architectural Change Request form 1/12/2017   (Complete and submit this form to the SVE office to request a review of your proposed exterior alterations)

ACC Wall Approval form  This form must be used when requesting the construction of a wall that may affect neighboring homes.

ACC Concern form  Complete this form to report a possible ACC violation within our community. 

ACC Volunteer Application form (10/1/2019)

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