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Sunland Village East - North Entrance

A residential 55+ community.

Office Area

Our office is located on the corner of Farnsworth Drive and Lakewood (2145 S. Farnsworth) in Mesa, AZ

Golf Club

Enjoy playing our superbly conditioned, executive length 18 hole golf course.

Meeting Facilities

Within our community we have several meeting and activity rooms available for Clubs and private parties.

Lakes and Landscaping

The lakes and landscaping within SVE are beautifully maintained.

Recreation Areas

In addition of our softball field we have many other areas set aside for community recreation.

Swimming Pools

There are swimming and therapy pools and spas in both the north and south areas of our community.


In addition to a large tennis facility, SVE has shuffleboard, billiard rooms and pickleboard courts, to name just a few.

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Homeowners Association

  • Join us for BINGO every Sunday evening - 6:00 pm - SVE Auditorium
  • Read the SVE Outlook to keep current on community events.
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DATE:              June 22, 2020

TO:                  The Residents of Sunland Village East

FROM:             The SVE HOA Board of Directors

RE:   Wearing of face coverings/nonmedical masks at SVE


Since the initial shutdown of SVE amenities and facilities in mid-March, 2020, through the phased reopening to the present time, the wearing of non-medical face masks/coverings has been recommended and encouraged by the SVE HOA Board of Directors.   This was done in conjunction with the guidelines set forth by Arizona Governor Ducey.    Over the past several weeks, numbers of Covid-19 cases in Arizona have increased to the point that Governor Ducey has authorized counties, cities and towns in Arizona to adopt policies regarding face coverings based on individual circumstances.    The Board has been informed that it is the HOA’s responsibility to follow the most stringent regulations whether federal, state, county, or city.    The City of Mesa has issued a proclamation effective 8:00 a.m. on Monday, June 22 and the County of Maricopa issued its regulation effective as of 12:00 a.m. on June 20, 2020.  Please visit the SVE website by going to http://www.svehoa.com/attachments.htm


Please read these documents carefully.   They very clearly lay out the specific requirements for anyone living in the City of Mesa and Maricopa County and are not burdensome.   The regulations are very commonsense.   If you are outside taking a walk or doing other outside exercise and you are able to maintain social distancing, it’s not necessary to wear a mask.    It’s important to note, however, that when physical distancing is not possible, the wearing of face coverings is mandatory, not simply recommended or encouraged, but mandatory.  

 The HOA does not intend to put its representatives in the position of calling authorities to issue citations or fines against its residents.   We also do not want to be put in the position of having to shut down amenities again due to noncompliance.    What we do intend to do is to encourage everyone to comply with the mandatory requirements for the everyone’s sake.   You wear a mask out of respect for me.   I wear a mask out of respect for you.    No one wants to see a rise in coronavirus cases in our community and if we all work together in this simple way, we will cut down the chances of that happening.   Thank you to all those who have been following all the recommendations throughout this unusual and challenging time.  


DATE:              May 27, 2020


FROM:             Candace Masquelier, SVE HOA President


Today, as I write this, we have reached a big milestone in the phased reopening of the facilities and amenities we enjoy here at SVE -- the opening of the pools and fitness centers.     The first phase, on May 18, was the reopening of the sports courts for tennis, pickleball, bocce ball and shuffleboard as well as softball and horseshoes.   For the most part, residents have followed the recommended guidelines and responsibly enjoyed being able to play once again.    Now, with the additional opening of the pools, it’s great to be able to get outside and enjoy our sunny, though hot, weather.   

As mentioned in prior messages, signs listing the recommended guidelines were installed at the time of the reopening of the sports courts and now specific signs for the pools and fitness centers have also been installed.   Further, the guidelines were posted on the SVE website.  

While each of these amenities has guidelines that apply just to that facility, there is an overarching set for all of them.  These include:

·       Staying home when feeling ill.

·       Absolutely NO guests or visitors.   No exceptions.

·       Social distancing must be maintained.

·       Wash hands frequently, when possible.

·       Use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available.

·       Wearing of masks/face coverings is encouraged and recommended.

·       Utilize personally owned equipment and avoid touching anyone else’s. 

·       Each person must understand that the decision to participate is that person’s responsibility alone; thus, participate at your own risk. 

Next, of course, will be the reopening of the indoor facilities that include groups like woodshop, fiber arts, ceramics, lapidary, the library, billiards, etc.   As has been done with the sports courts, pools and fitness centers, we have been or soon will be in touch with the officers and/or frequent users of these amenities to develop specific guidelines regarding issues such as numbers of people in a specific meeting room at any one time in order to promote social distancing, proposed days and hours of operation,  specific needs, etc., in order to be able to responsibly reopen.  

As time goes on, the HOA Board will review current practices and revise accordingly with the input of involved members of the community.   If something isn’t working under the present guidelines, we are open to suggestions and alternative ways of proceeding forward.   We have received a couple positive suggestions that we have acted upon and we appreciate the input.   We need to remember that we are still operating under Governor Ducey’s Phase I Executive Order.   Numbers of Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Arizona and specifically here in Maricopa County.   Just because we’d like to wish this all away and put this experience behind us, the reality is that we are going to be living with the effects of this virus for the foreseeable future.   You’re probably as tired as I am of hearing that “we’re all in this together”  but the truth is that our individual behaviors do impact our friends, our neighbors and even people we don’t know but come in contact with.   Many are following the recommended guidelines as they go about their daily lives, but many are not.   We need to make responsible choices for our own health and wellbeing as well as the health and wellbeing of others.    The choices we make matter.  

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