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2022 Concert Series Season Tickets

The 2022 Concert Series Season tickets will be available for purchase, as will upgrade requests starting Thursday, April 15th to all 2021 season ticket holders. As a reminder all season ticket holders who selected to rollover their season tickets for the 2022 series not need contact the office unless you’d like to submit an upgrade request. Season ticket holders who received a refund for 2021, MUST contact the office to renew your reservations. All 2021 season ticket reservations that are not renewed for the 2022 series by Friday, May 7th will be released to fulfill upgrade requests. All upgrade requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis starting May 10th. Remaining concert series season tickets will be available for purchase starting Monday, May 17th.

To renew your CS reservations or purchase tickets for the first time, email your request to Activities, call 480-380-0106, or stop in the office during normal operating hours. Please do not submit your ticket requests prior to April 15th for current season tickets and May 17th for new ticket purchases. All ticket requests received prior to the official start dates as noted will not be processed.