SVE Covid-19 Guidelines

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Sunland Village East, like many Mesa, Arizona communities, is following the CDC and Governor Ducey's recommended guidelines in an attempt to do our part toward protecting the health of our residents.

Many Club and Community Events are currently on hold.

To help protect our residents from the virus, it is important for everyone to understand that the activities and ammenities may be used by SVE residents only. Guests and family members not residing at SVE may not use the SVE facilities or participate in any of the on-site activities.

The following is the latest email sent to residents from the Board of Directors pertaining to the Covid-19 facility usage.

Date:   February 23, 2021
TO:     The Residents of Sunland Village East
FROM: The SVE HOA Board of Directors

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since the HOA Board of Directors first shut down the facilities and amenities at Sunland Village East because of the pandemic; March 13, 2020, to be exact. Over the ensuing months, as circumstances have changed, the Board has made changes as well, opening outdoor sports courts, then opening indoor facilities for certain clubs and groups, always keeping in mind safe protocols such as social distancing and the wearing of masks. During this time, the use of SVE’s amenities has been limited to residents only. As the virus numbers and deaths ebbed and flowed, the Board continued to make decisions based on scientific information from numerous sources including the expertise of trusted advisors. Now we are at a point where numerous circumstances have changed again—the number of virus cases among Arizonans has decreased, hospitalizations and deaths have decreased, many of our residents have contracted Covid-19 and have thankfully recovered and, most important of all, vaccinations among our population have become more widespread. The HOA Board believes that all these circumstances combine to allow limited reopening of our facilities and amenities to non-residents, particularly family and friends of our current residents. To that end, beginning Monday, March 1, 2021, there will be a slow rollout of open areas, as follows:

• All sports courts and other outdoor sports venues such as softball will be allowed to have non-resident players. Each sport will provide a reopening plan to the administrative office to be reviewed and approved prior to opening to non-residents. This will include plans for social distancing, wearing of masks, use of hand sanitizer, etc.

• The resumption of a garage sale in March and again in November as allowed by our governing documents. Plans are underway for residential garage sales/craft sales throughout the community on Saturday, March 20, 2021, between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. There will not be a community garage sale area in the Oakwood Room for the March sale.

• The resumption of Outdoor Concerts on the Green.

At this time, however, there will be no changes in the following:

• The requirement for residents only at the pools will remain for the time being. To allow for social distancing, there is no way to add non-residents into the pool areas without depriving our own residents of the ability to utilize the pool facilities.

• Indoor facilities will remain closed to non-residents for the same reason as the pools, i.e., concentrating on our residents’ needs first.

• Card rooms and bingo will remain closed due to the inability to maintain social distancing.

The Board is maintaining the requirements of social distancing and wearing masks for the time being. When state and local requirements are relaxed, the Board will look at these issues again. As with many of the decisions made by the Board this past year, there will be those who are in agreement as well as those who disagree. If you don’t feel comfortable in participating in any of the areas that will be opening to non-residents, the decision not to join is, of course, your own. Each person makes that decision for themselves and, of course, each person who chooses to participate does so at his or her own risk. We’ve come a long way together and this is a well thought out next step in this process.


DATE: January 5, 2021
FROM: Candace Masquelier, SVE HOA President

The health of our residents is a top priority at Sunland Village East and with so many residents returning to SVE after the holidays and new residents moving in, it’s important we keep everyone informed by providing the Association’s COVID-19 protocols. The following protocols are in place and should be adhered to until further notice:

• SVE facilities are for residents only. At this time the facilities are not open to non-resident guests, including family members who do not live with you. Any resident bringing guests into any open SVE facility will have their access device deactivated. Please do not open the Association amenity gates/doors to strangers.
• Wear a mask to protect yourself and others. Wear the mask over both your nose and mouth.
• Keep social distancing of at least 6 feet.
• Wash your hands often. Use hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes when hand washing is not readily available.

We strongly recommend that if you’ve traveled to another state or if you are a winter resident returning to SVE that you self-quarantine before participating in an SVE activity.

When using SVE amenities, please keep your access device with you at all times. If you lose the access device report it to the office immediately. Some clubs and groups require participants to wear Association or Club name tags.

Throughout this pandemic, the staff, the Board of Directors, and the community have come together in support of a common goal, to reduce the spread of COVID-19. As this is an ever-changing pandemic, we want to ensure that residents are kept informed.