Approved Exterior Paint Colors

SVE Paint books are available for checkout from the SVE HOA office. In addition, Dunn-Edward Paints has made available on their website, a sample of the paint colors currently approved for use on the exterior of SVE homes. The following is a link to the SVE Color selection on the Dunn-Edwards website: Dunn-Edwards-SVE Exterior Paint

Colors that are similar with a very slight variation from the approved colors may be approved. Proper selection and use of the two colors should ensure visual compatibility within the community. Trim color may not be used as a dominant color.

The closest store located near SVE is:
Dunn-Edwards Paints
5959 E. Southern Ave. # 4-5
Mesa, AZ 85206
Phone (480) 985-3820

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Provide the following account number and save up to 37% off list price on Dunn-Edwards manufactured paint products: 188531-000

Preauthorization must be obtained from the HOA ACC prior to repainting regardless if same or a change of color is selected. A copy of the Architectural Change Request form may be obtained HERE

Reference RCC&R 4.1.15
The color selection for all exterior repainting of residential units and additions thereto or structures on a residential lot shall be chosen from BOD approved body only and trim only color lists.