SVE-P2P (Sunland Village East -- Person to Person)

What it is, and how to subscribe.

SVE-P2P is a Google Group set up as a free email subscription list operated by volunteer SVE residents. It is not operated by the SVE Office, nor is it operated by the SVE Board. But it has a long history of providing several tangible benefits to our residents, and it is recognized by the Board as a useful community service. That said, the Board of Directors disclaims any liability for your use of this service.

SVE residents now have an easy way to communicate with each other. This email group is solely for exchange of village and local information -- like good places to eat, interesting events, items for sale or wanted, help wanted, news about residents, good cardiologists, dentists, A/C service and repair companies, etc. If you think something might be of interest to other residents, let them know.

If you are an owner, resident, or renter in Sunland Village East, then you may join this group. It is not open to non-residents, and is not viewable by them either.

Once you are subscribed to this Group, you can send an email to and it will automatically go out to all 930 + subscribers. Each subscriber can choose to get every email individually, or a daily digest of the emails. We recommend the daily digest if you just want to keep up on events, and the individual emails if you want a chance to buy items posted for sale.

To subscribe to the SVE Person to Person Google Group, e-mail Marvin Fretwell at:
Be sure to include your physical SVE address so he can verify your residency.
(Please do not telephone. Use email to subscribe.)

Give the Group a try, and it you decide it is not for you, there are directions at the bottom of every email telling you how to unsubscribe.

Guidelines, Rules, Policies

Please download and print out the 5-page document that explains our guidelines, rules, and policies.